Engineering Leadership Coaching Scholarships

15 coaching scholarships for engineering leaders from groups that are underrepresented in technology

Coaching is a powerful way to develop your skills, and advance in your career. Our clients typically find that coaching brings them greater clarity, confidence and control in their professional lives.

We — Joel Chippindale, Alex Martynov, Amy Rich, Eric Nehrlich, Fiona Siseman, Francis Lacoste and Tobi Tonner — are a group of professional coaches who are committed to offering free coaching programmes each year to engineering leaders who identify as being from a group that is underrepresented in technology and may not be able to afford coaching yet.

The coaching programmes that we offer are designed to help you achieve your goals. They will support you to better understand yourself and your situation, challenge self limiting beliefs that you may be holding, explore the possibilities that you have for change and commit to making changes.

If you want to learn more about what coaching is and how it can be valuable then the following articles may be useful:

Applications for coaching scholarships are currently closed

Applications are now closed.

Thank you to everyone who applied. We will be in touch soon to let you know the outcome of your application.

If you missed out on applying this time, then applications are likely to open again on 28th December 2024 when, we will be offering a new set of coaching scholarships.

Application Process

  1. Apply by the end of the day on 5th July 2024.
  2. If you are successful then one of us will be in contact to arrange a chemistry call with you in July. If you and the coach decide that you want to work together after the chemistry call then you can begin your free coaching programme as soon as you wish.
  3. Once we have confirmed who will be recieving the 15 coaching scholarships, we will let other applicants know that they have not been successful.

About the coaches

The impact for you

We share these quotes from some alumni of this coaching scholarship programme to offer you a tangible sense of the experiences and benefits of our coaching.

Frequently asked questions about coaching scholarships


The coaching scholarship covers the full cost of a coaching programme with us and so the programme will be free to you.

We want to increase the diversity of senior leaders within technology. This is one way that we support this.

It is very hard to choose between applications.

Once we have checked that applications meet the criteria for the scholarship then each coach will select from the applications based on their own judgement about where they can have most impact.

Each coaching programme included in the scholarship will consist of a series of coaching sessions designed to support you to work towards your goals.

The duration, frequency and number of sessions will vary by coach.

When you apply you can share any preferences that you may have for which coach you would like to be assigned. This will be taken into account as part of choosing which coach you might be assigned.

If you are offered a scholarship then you will be assigned a coach who will set up a coaching chemistry call with you. This call will be a chance for you to get to know one another and decide whether you want to work with them.


The coaching programme is entirely for your benefit. However good your coach is, it may not work between you. You can stop your coaching programme at any time.